Malaysian Questionnaires Database (MQDB)


There are various questionnaires that have been translated into Bahasa Malaysia but only a small portion have been properly validated and published. Some of the questionnaires have been translated in different versions by different persons.

A quotation by Wilkin et al (1992); “In view of the difficulty that we faced in obtaining scales, authors should be encouraged by publishers to either reproduce their questionnaire in a major article on scale’s psychometric properties, or publish the name and address of the scale distributor”.

With this awareness, I initiate this database to help researchers to find the suitable questionnaires for their studies. I welcome from all individuals to contribute to this database as a pool of knowledge and update me on any of your own or your colleagues’ effort in translation and validation of questionnaire in Malaysia. Kindly email me the information.


Thank you.

Dr Ramli Musa

No Questionnaire Malay Translation Validation Publication Correspondence Indication
No Questionnaire Malay Translation Validation Publication Correspondence Indication
1 Provision Social Relation (PSR) Translated Not Validated Dimensions of Support System
2 Medical Outcome Study (MOS) Social Support Survey Translated Validated
Wan Mohd Rushidi
MJMS Vol 11 (2) July 2004
Social Support
3 Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support (MSPSS) Translated Validated

    1. Asian Journal of Psychiatry, 2010; 3: 3–6.
    2. MJP-01-10-12 Factorial Validation of the MSPSS Among a Group of Psychiatric Patients
    Ng C.G., Amer Siddiq A.N., Aida S.A., Zainal N.Z., Koh O.H

    Nurashikin IIUM

    4 Hospital Anxiety & Depression scale HADS Translated Validated
    Validation of the HADS & psychological disorder among premature ejaculation subjects
    International journal of impotence research, 2007;19(3):321-5.

    Validity and reliability study in (HADS) in heroin addicts population in Malaysia. The International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, June 2010. Volume 13, Supplement S1, pp 1-268

     (2011) ‘Psychometric properties of the Malay Version of the HADS: A study of husbands of breast cancer patients in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, 12: 915-917

    Fatt Quek K; Atiya AS; Heng N. GC ; Beng C. C Monash University Malaysia.
    R. Abd Rashid, W.A. Irnee, M. Ahmad Zahari, A.S. Amer Nordin, A.H. Sulaiman, N. Robson, H. Peters, M.A. Said, N. Harun, A. Rahim, H. Habil. 
    Yusoff N, Low WY and Yip CH.

    5 Beck Depression Inventory II BDI-II Translated Validated
    1. MJMS Vol 11 (2) 2004
    2. MJP: Exploratory & confirmatory factor (BDI-Malay) in Malaysia 

    Wan Mohd Rushidi 

    Firdaus Mukhtar, Tian PS Oei

    6 Beck Hopelessness Scale-Malay (BHS-Malay) Translated Validated
    7 Edinburgh Post Natal Depression Translated Validated Malaysian Journal of Medical Science 2003Vol 10 (2)  71-75 Wan Mohd Rushidi, Wan Mahmud Postnatal
    8 Calgary Depression Scale for Schizophrenia Translated Not Validated Dr Riana Psychiatry
    9 Brief Patient Health Questionnaire PHQ-9 Translated Validated Norazah Mohd Rawi, Juwita Saaban MJMS July 2004  Screening depression in Primary Care
    10 Depression Anxiety & Stress Scale (DASS) Translated Validated
    1. Translation, validation and psychometric properties of  Bahasa  Malaysia version of the DASS. ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry 2007;8 (2):82-89
    2. Validation and psychometric properties of BM version of  DASS among diabetic patients. Malaysian Journal of Psychiatry, Dec 2009 Vol 18 No. 2, page. 40-45.
    Gen. Psychiatry
    11 Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale (MADRS) Translated Not Validated Gen. Psychiatry
    12 Geriatric Depression Scale -15 (GDS-15) Translated Validated Dr Hasanah Penang
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