Malaysian Questionnaires Database (MQDB)


There are various questionnaires that have been translated into Bahasa Malaysia but only a small portion have been properly validated and published. Some of the questionnaires have been translated in different versions by different persons.

A quotation by Wilkin et al (1992); “In view of the difficulty that we faced in obtaining scales, authors should be encouraged by publishers to either reproduce their questionnaire in a major article on scale’s psychometric properties, or publish the name and address of the scale distributor”.

With this awareness, I initiate this database to help researchers to find the suitable questionnaires for their studies. I welcome from all individuals to contribute to this database as a pool of knowledge and update me on any of your own or your colleagues’ effort in translation and validation of questionnaire in Malaysia. Kindly email me the information.


Thank you.

Dr Ramli Musa

No Questionnaire Malay Translation Validation Publication Correspondence Indication
No Questionnaire Malay Translation Validation Publication Correspondence Indication
1 Substance Abuse & Sexual Bahaviour Survey (SUSBS) Translated Not Validated Mohd Fadli Mohd Isa Dissertation UM 2012
2 International Index Of Erectile Function (IIEF-15) Translated Validated
Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the English version of IIEF for use in Malaysia
International Journal of Impotence Research 2003; 15:329-336
Reliability & validity of the Malay version of the IIEF-15 in the
M’sian  population International Journal of Impotence Research

Lim TO(CRCHKL), Das A, Rampal S, Zaki M, Sahabudin RM, Rohan MJ, Isaac S.

KF Quek1, WY Low, AH Razack, CB Chua, CS Loh

Erectile Dysfunction
3 Sexual Function Index (SFI) Translated Validated Sexual
4 Sexual Knowledge, attitude and Behaviours None Not Validated Dr Mazlin, Prof Adlina, Dr Ramli Musa
5 Female Sexual Function Index FSFI Translated Validated Sidi 2007b
6 Questionnaire On Premarital Sexual Activities Among Secondary School Students Translated Validated Razlina AR, Azriani AR, Mohd Ismail I, et al. Dr Azriani, Dept of Community Medicine USM, 
7 Questionnaire Practice of Sexual Misbehaviour according to Islam and the Questionnaire Awareness of Sexual Misbehaviour according to Islam Translated Validated This paper has been presented at International Conference On Islamic Education (ICIED) 2011 in Putrajaya on 19th to 21th December 2011 Roslee Ahmad, Ph.D Mohamed Sharif Mustaffa, Ph.D Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

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