Malaysian Questionnaires Database (MQDB)


There are various questionnaires that have been translated into Bahasa Malaysia but only a small portion have been properly validated and published. Some of the questionnaires have been translated in different versions by different persons.

A quotation by Wilkin et al (1992); “In view of the difficulty that we faced in obtaining scales, authors should be encouraged by publishers to either reproduce their questionnaire in a major article on scale’s psychometric properties, or publish the name and address of the scale distributor”.

With this awareness, I initiate this database to help researchers to find the suitable questionnaires for their studies. I welcome from all individuals to contribute to this database as a pool of knowledge and update me on any of your own or your colleagues’ effort in translation and validation of questionnaire in Malaysia. Kindly email me the information.


Thank you.

Dr Ramli Musa

No Questionnaire Malay Translation Validation Publication Correspondence Indication
No Questionnaire Malay Translation Validation Publication Correspondence Indication
1 General Health Questionnaire GHQ 30, GHQ-28 Translated Validated
  1. Malaysian Psychiatry 1996 2 (4) 118-122
    Abdul Hamid AR and Hatta SM (1996).
    A validation study of the Malay language of General Health Questionnaire (GHQ 30).
  2. Malaysian Psychiatry, 4(2), 34-37.
  3. Iran J Public Health, Vol. 45, No. 4, Apr 2016, pp. 451-459
BM (Prof Hatta Sharom), English (Prof Maniam)
Tahereh SEGHATOLESLAM 1,2 , Hussain HABIL 1,3 , Fahimeh JAMEEI 1 , Rusdi RASHID 1 , Alireza ZAHIRODIN 4 , Farid MOTLAQ 1 , Abbas MASJIDI  ARANI 2  
1. Dept. of Psychological Medicine, University of Malaya Center of Addiction Sciences
Gen. Psychiatry
2 General Health Questionnaire GHQ 12 Translated Validated The Sensitivity, Specificity, Reliability The Malay GHQ-12.
Muhamad Saiful Bahri Yusoff, Ahmad Fuad Abdul Rahim, Mohd Jamil Yaacob 
Medical Education Department USM

Gen. Psychiatry
3 WHO Self Reporting Questionnaire (BM SRQ-25) Translated Validated Singapore Medical Journal 1985 26(6) 431-4


4 Reporting Questionnaire for Children RQC-WHO Translated Validated Psychiatric Morbidity Survey
5 Mini Mental State Examination MMSE Translated Validated Zarina ZA, Zahiruddin O, USM Malaysianl Journal of Medical Science MJMS 2004 also MJP 2007, 16(1) USM,UM,UKM Prof Hamid Gen. Psychiatry
6 Middlesex Hospital Questionnaire Translated Validated Singapore Medical Journal 1988 29(1) 48-52 Prof. Dr. Kasmini
7 Selected Mental Health Questionnaires Translated Not Validated Dr Fairuz Nazri HUKM
8 Clinical Interview Schedule Revised (CIS-R) Translated Validated
Kavita Subraminiam, Saroja
MJMS 13(1) January 2006

Structured diagnostic
9 Patient Health Questionnaire PHQ-9 Translated Validated
Asean Jurnal Of psychiatry
Norazah Mohd Rawi School of Medical Sciences, Health Campus, Universiti Sains

A Study On Validation Of Brief Patient
Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) Among
Adult Attending Family Medicine Clinic At
Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (Husm)
Diagnosis & severity assessment of depression
10 Symptom Checklist-90-Revised (SCL-90-R) Translated Validated Iran J Public Health, Vol. 45, No.4, Apr 2016, pp.451-459
Tahereh SEGHATOLESLAM 1,2 , Hussain HABIL 1,3 , Fahimeh JAMEEI 1 , Rusdi RASHID 1 , Alireza ZAHIRODIN 4 , 
1. Dept. of Psychological Medicine, University of Malaya Center of Addiction Sciences

11 Kessler’s Psychological Distress Scale (K10) i Translated Validated Asian J Psy
Norhayati Ibrahim, Health Psychology Programme, Faculty of Health Sciences, UKM 
E mail: 

Hui Chien Ong, 
E mail: Suzaily Wahab,

10-item Psychological distress screening
12 Women Abuse Screening Tool (WAST) None Not Validated Asia Pac J Public Health 2008 20: 102-116 Wong Yut-Lin and Sajaratulnisah Othman Domestic Violence
13 Skala Ciri Kekeluargaan Asia (SPK) Translated Validated Dr Ramli Musa Menilai situasi keluarga
14 Asian Family Characteristics Scale Translated Validated Dr Ramli Musa Newly designed specifically for Asian families
15 The Muslim Religiosity-Personality Inventory (MRPI) None Validated
Khairul, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

16 Drive for Muscularity Scale DMS Translated Validated Psychometric properties of the Drive for Muscularity Scale in Malay men. Body Image 17 (2016) 111–116. Prof. Viren Swami ( Scale for Body Image
17 Malay Schizotypal Personality Questionnaire (SPQ) Translated Validated
Psychometric properties of the Malay Schizotypal Personality Questionnaire: Measurement invariance and latent mean comparisons in Malaysian adults. Asia‐Pacific Psychiatry. 2017;e12293. DOI: 10.1111/appy.12293
Dr. David Barron (
Schizotypal personality
18 Body Appreciation Scale (BAS) Translated Validated Factor structure of the Body Appreciation Scale among Malaysian women. Body Image 5 (2008) 409–413.  Viren Swami ( Body Image
19 Celebrity Attitude Scale (CAS) Translated Validated Celebrity Worship Among University Students in Malaysia A Methodological Contribution to the Celebrity Attitude Scale. European Psychologist 2011; Vol. 16(4):334–342. DOI: 10.1027/1016-9040/a000029  Viren Swami ( General Psychiatry
20 Sociocultural attitudes towards appearance questionnaire-3 (SATAQ-3) Translated Validated An examination of the factor structure of the Sociocultural Attitudes Towards Appearance Questionnaire-3 in Malaysia. Body Image.Volume 6, Issue 2, March 2009, Pages 129-132 Viren Swami ( Body Image
21 Short-form of UCLA Loneliness Scale Translated Validated Psychometric analysis of the Malay version of the UCLA Loneliness Scale (ULS-8) and a comparison of loneliness among sojourning and non-sojourning Malaysian students. Viren Swami ( General Psychiatry
22 Beliefs in the Inheritance of Risk Factors for Suicide Scale. (BIRFSS) Translated Validated The Beliefs in the Inheritance of Risk Factors for Suicide Scale (BIRFSS): Cross-Cultural Validation in Estonia, Malaysia, Romania, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior 38(6) December 2008.  Martin Voracek, Department of Basic Psychological Research, School of Psychology, University of Vienna, Liebiggasse 5, Room 03–46, A-1010 Vienna; E-mail: Suicide
23 Patient Activation Measure (PAM)-13 Translated Validated Validity and reliability of the Patient Activation Measure (PAM)-13 Malay 2 version among patients with Metabolic Syndrome in primary care patients with Metabolic Syndrome
24 SCREEN FOR COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT IN PSYCHIATRY (SCIP) Translated Validated not yet Dr Rosliza Psychiatrist UniSZA Screening for cognitive impairment
25 SOALSELIDIK PERSEPSI SOP SOLAT BERJEMAAH DI MASJID/SURAU Original Undergoing Validation nil at the moment Prof Dr Ramli Musa Perception of public towards SOP during Pandemic Covid-19

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