Validation Workshop 2018

by Prof Dr Ramli Musa under Activiti Mempromosi Kesihatan Mental March 10 2018

This time around the participants were coming from various universities such as UNiSZA, UPNM UiTM, KKM IIUMMC and UIAM.

Insyaallah soon we plan to have another one as the response was overwhelming. Please leave your name in the comment if you are interested to participate in our next workshop.

Among the topics delivered are:

1st Day (Thursday)
8.00 a.m Registration
8.30 a.m Introduction to Questionnaires database
10.00 a.m Tea Break
10.30 a.m How to do a proper translation; the process to follow
1.00 pm Lunch
2.00 pm to 5.00 pm Designing a new questionnaire; The requirements and the process
Introduction to Reliability and Validation and SPSS practical
2nd Day (Friday)
8.00 a.m Registration
8.30 a.m SPSS Practical
10.00 a.m Tea Break
10.30 a.m Introduction to Confirmatory Factor Analysis
12.00 pm Lunch and adjourned


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