UMMC visit by the Department of Psychiatry IIUM & HTAA

by Prof Dr Ramli Musa under Activiti Mempromosi Kesihatan Mental October 16 2009

The visit to the UMMC Clinical Trial Centre and the UM Centre for Addiction Science UMCAS on October 15, 2009 was really an eye-opener to me and other delegates. The HTAA Department of Psychiatry staff (Dr. Ahmad Zafri Abu Bakar, Dr. Junid Mohamed Rozali, Dr. Nor Azlin Mustapha En. Ahmad Sabri Muhamad Nawai, SN. Fatimah Rahman SN Zabedah Mohamed, JM. Hasnida Kamaruzaman) has given their overwhelming response to the visit. There were 3 delegates from IIUM Department of Psychiatry (Br Aidil, SN Norhayati & myself).

I regard the visit is really fruitful and has achieved its objectives. Many valuable knowledge and new experiences we managed to tap from the visit. We learned right from strategies how to handle & managing clinical trials, research strategies, industrial linked studies and to the ward & daycare management. We would like to thank for all members of UMMC Department of Psychiatry particularly the head of department Professor Dr Zuraida and the UMMC Clinical Trial Centre head; AP Dr Mohd Hatim for their warm welcome and hospitality during the visit. My conclusion on the journey back from the visit is; the IIUM Department of Psychiatry has to build up stable foundation especially the manpower, basic research facilities before venture into industrial & commercialized-related research projects. They have offered us a few potential studies as the starting point for further collaborations. I have expressed to them my intention to appoint AP Dr Hatim as our future Clinical Trial Centre consultant. Insyaallah.

My aspiration, is to set up a well established clinical trial centre for east-coast region.


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