by Prof Dr Ramli Musa under Activities June 23 2009

On June 8, 2009 the Registrar’s Office of UPM invited me to organize a workshop on Stress Management and Screening Tools. It was a-day workshop for all the “pegawai psikologi” particularly from the Unit Kerjaya, Kaunseling dan Hal Ehwal Pelajar Universiti Putra Malaysia Serdang. I had a nice experience to share my knowledge with them. Many thanks for their warm hospitalities during my stay…. Hope this will not be the first and last affiliation with them..
Many had expressed their intention to come to the Child and Parenting Skill Seminar organized by IIUM Kuantan…

I welcome any organization (govermental or non-govermental) to organize the similar workshop on Stress Management and Coping with Stress for their employees..


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