Expectations for My Students/Mentees

by Prof Dr Ramli Musa under Lecture Notes (for undergraduate students) September 11 2019

In 1 academic year, there are 5 blocks and in a block, there will be 2 group rotations. Hence in total, there will be 10 rotations in a year. That means I need to repeat 10 times my expectations to these groups of students.

Hence, I decided to put up this post which is dedicated to my mentees.

  1. To form a WhatApps group for easy communication.
  2. At all the time to know the progression of my in-patients
  3. One student is fully in-charge a pt
  4. At all time to stand by 1 case for a case presentation. The case can come from the clinic or wards.
  5.  To come early and clerk any patients during the clinic day. (NOT NECESSARILY my patients) The student will present the case later
  6. To download and READ notes related to Psychiatry in this website.
  7. To download notes on HOPI requirements and others on this website and understand it.


In psychiatry, ward exposure is very crucial. What are the main points should you focus when you are in the ward;

1. To know how the doctors handle acute psychotic patients e.g. Aggressive patients mainly due to Schizophrenia, Drug-induced psychosis, and Bipolar mania. Among the possible approaches are; IM Haloperidol, IM Kemadrin when pt developed acute dystonia, IM Clopixol Acuphase, IV Diazepam, and finally physical restrain.

2. To know the different levels of suicidal caution and what exactly the task of staff nurses or MAs.

3. Presence of ECT patients is a good opportunity for learning. Please try to learn; what is the indication of this pt for ECT, what kind of preparation was done prior to ECT, please have a look at the ECT table; % of current delivered, duration of seizure, and a total of mg propofol given.

“Happy learning to all my mentees”

Prof Dr Ramli Musa

Pakar Psikiatri  / Psychiatrist

Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia


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