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My gratitude goes to all the committee members of the Child Psychological & Parenting Skill Seminar for your cooperation. Finally we managed to conduct the seminar successfully with minimal hiccups especially in the technical aspect. There were about 65 participants participated in this seminar. Unfortunately we found quite a significant number of participants who initially registered for the seminar had pull out their attendance at last minute due to unforeseen reasons.

The feedbacks we got from participants were very encouraging. About 80% gave their opinion that the seminar was really beneficial and interesting.

During the seminar, we have conducted a short survey among the participants to find out about their opinion on the importance of parenting skill education, their perception on parenting skill and the level of knowledge on parenting skill among fathers and mothers. Here I briefly present the result of the survey:


Table 1: Socio-demographic data

Number of children Number % Total
0-1 38 59.4 64
2-3 20 31.3
4-6 6 9.3

Teacher 6 9.3 64
Psychologist/counselor 4 6.3
Lecturer 10 15.6
Medical officer/paramedic 26 40.6
Students 16 25.0
Others 2 3.1

Median 30 64

Male 18 28.1 64
Female 46 71.9

1) The first question was to enquire about the reason why they attended the seminar (the answer can be more than 1)
80% of respondents gave the reasons to improve their parenting skills and curiosity. Only 3% (2 persons) said it was due to their own children were having the psychological difficulties.

2) Eighty eight percent (36 persons) gave the response that they have heard about parenting skill before in contrast 12% (8) never heard.
3) Only 31% (20 participants) gave the response that they have attended the parenting skill course before.
4) When we asked their opinion as to should the course be compulsory or encourage to every individual?
78% said it should be compulsory to be conducted to every individual and 22% said we should just encourage the public to have it.
5) The next question is how frequent should the course be held?
6) 53% answered every year, 40% twice a year and 6.3% every 2 years.

7) The last 2 questions are bout their opinion on the level of knowledge on parenting skills between fathers and mothers. Here are the outcomes of these questions;
In conclusion, level of knowledge among mothers was higher.

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