by Prof Dr Ramli Musa under Patient Education March 12 2013

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Ramli M, Nora MZ, Roszaman R, Hatta S. Vaginismus and subfertility: Case reports on the association observed in clinical practice. Malaysian Family Physician. 2012;7(1):24-27

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Objective: To analyse the features of patients with vaginismus first presented to a gynaecologist for infertility before being referred for psychiatric evaluation and management. The case series aim to provide some insight on features and presentations of Asian women with vaginismus. Vaginismus is characterised by persistent or recurrent difficulties in vaginal penetration despite the woman’s wish for coitus. Avoidance, phobia, anticipatory fear of pain and involuntary pelvic muscle contraction are the most common symptoms.

Method: We report a series of cases of Malaysian women who had been suffering from vaginismus and ‘infertility’. All the cases had never been attended to medically and there were long delays in seeking intervention. There was no history of traumatic sexual experience or any major psychiatric illness in these patients. Majority of the patients had prominent symptoms of anxiety.

Conclusion: The cases illustrate that it is important to rule out the possibility of vaginismus among patients with infertility. The former have unique psychological features which require psychological interventions.

Keywords: Case reports, vaginismus, infertility, psychological approach, Malaysian women.


  • adilah says:

    Salam. Dr.ramli,i try to open the link but it is stated that 'page not found'.

  • e-mfp.org/…/vaginismus-and-subfertility….

  • Anonymous says:

    I am one of the sufferer of this disorder. Married for almost 8 years and still unconsummated. Able to have a child thru splash pregnancy. There are lack awareness towards vaginismus here in malaysia and I don't know where to find help to cure this problem. OBGYN is blacklisted for vaginismus sufferer like me all because of their scary procedures involving the 'down there' issue.

    I really hope many medical practitioner like you especially women practitioner will continue involve the research to find the cure..

    I am still struggling and battling with this vaginismus thing and still try to find the right cure for this pathetic , and depressive disorder.

  • Anonymous says:

    Dear Anonymous, I hope you get to see this comment. Would you mind if I request to connect with you because I am facing the exact issue and hope to find someone in Malaysia for moral support as well as some advise and sharing if you don't mind. Thank you.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have read about the treatment exercise. You shouldn't feel demotivated. There's hope for every vaginismus patient. Try dilators combined with pelvic floor exercise. Overseas hospitals offer wider range of treatments and consultation. I've came across Vagi-wave. Try google it down. The device is put during sleep so that your subconscious mind will teach your pelvic muscle or reprogram it to show less spasm during penetration. Pelvic muscles are the culprit of this condition if other conditions like endometriosis has been ruled out. I don't really know how the pelvic floor exercise is done but it should be combined with dilator n a lot of lubricant I think. The function of dilator is not to stretch the opening but to teach the pelvic muscle so that it can accept penetration. What causes vaginismus can be trauma or non-trauma. Psychological thinking that sex is painful that some often may have be another reason that has taught the body to react negatively to penetration. Like what i've read, the vagina is never too small but the pelvic muscles reflex clamps down the opening. Your partner may say like he's hitting a wall. it's one of the symptoms of vaginismus.

  • Ramli Musa says:

    One of my patients managed to achieve cure from vaginismus through usage of Vagi Wave. The principle of success in any fear or fobia is through continuous exposure

  • NN says:

    Hi may I know where can I get Vaginismus treatment in Malaysia?

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